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Classroom technology

At DMS Digital Group, our classroom technologies go beyond mere hardware; they are strategically engineered solutions aimed at reinvigorating the educational experience for both teachers and students.
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How we help improve teacher retention rates

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With a strong focus on improving teacher retention rates, our technological offerings are meticulously designed to augment the quality of teaching.

We supply, install and maintain everything you need to deliver an excellent teaching and learning environment where the focus can be on learning, helped not hindered by outdated technology.

1. Interactive Screens

2. Desktops and Laptops

3. Tablets and iPads

4. Classroom Management Software

5. Document Cameras

6. Audio Systems

7. Printers

The best technology solutions

Science Labs

At DMS Digital Group, we view science labs not just as rooms filled with equipment, but as vibrant ecosystems that can either stifle or nurture the scientific inquiry and real-world problem-solving skills essential for the next generation.

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Libraries and Media Centres

In the digital age, DMS Digital Group recognises that libraries and media centres must evolve beyond being mere repositories of books and become dynamic hubs of learning and digital literacy.

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Gym and Sports Facilities

Acknowledging the integral role that physical education plays in holistic student development, DMS Digital Group offers a suite of technological solutions specifically engineered to elevate athletic instruction and boost student engagement.

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Administrative Offices

Efficient administration serves as the backbone of any thriving educational institution, and DMS Digital Group is committed to enhancing this crucial aspect through targeted technological solutions. Our offerings for administrative offices extend beyond merely streamlining tasks—they're designed to improve data integrity, ensure security, and contribute to better decision-making.

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Reprographics Rooms

In education, the need for reprographics extends beyond mere printing; it involves a sophisticated blend of high-demand and high-volume output without compromising quality. Recognising this intricate balance, DMS Digital Group delivers bespoke reprographics solutions specifically designed to serve the unique needs of educational institutions.

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School Halls

School halls serve as the communal heart of educational institutions, hosting a diverse array of activities from assemblies and theatrical productions to community events. Recognising the multifunctional role these spaces play, DMS Digital Group offers a meticulously curated range of technology solutions designed to elevate these experiences.

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Cafeterias are more than just dining areas; they are social hubs where interactions take place and community is built. DMS Digital Group takes this into account by offering a range of solutions that not only streamline food service operations but also elevate the overall dining experience.

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Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces are extensions of the educational environment, often serving as playgrounds, sports areas, or communal gathering spots. Recognising the importance of both engagement and safety in these zones, DMS Digital Group offers an array of technology solutions to meet these dual needs effectively.

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Bespoke Rooms

Bespoke rooms like music studios and computer labs require an exceptional level of technological sophistication to meet the intricate needs of subject-specific education.

DMS Digital Group provides a selection of curated technology solutions explicitly engineered to foster creativity and facilitate advanced skill-building exercises.

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Interactive learning experiences

Our extensive product range

Simultaneously, these technologies foster more engaging and interactive learning experiences for pupils, thereby improving learning outcomes.

Our extensive product range, from Interactive Screens that offer collaborative learning experiences to Classroom Management Software that empowers educators with real-time insights, all converge to redefine the educational environment. By integrating these advanced tools into everyday teaching methods, we are actively transforming traditional classroom dynamics into more interactive, efficient, and outcome-oriented spaces.

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Making life simpler with bespoke monthly bundles

DMS One allows you to combine your hardware, software, and services into a single easy to manage solution. Access to the latest technology, optimise your IT budgets, and simplify your bill. Our programme helps you to move away from large capital investments. Instead, you can enjoy technology, training, services and maintenance through a low-cost, monthly subscription plan.


  • Managed print services
  • Audio visual solutions
  • IT services
  • Document workflow
  • Workspace solutions
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  • System software
  • Application software
  • Management software
  • Utility software
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  • On-site support
  • Remote support
  • Installation & maintenance
  • Training
  • Account management
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“The DMS Group have provided us with solutions for several IT projects across all of our Trust Schools. In addition to being able to provide high quality support on products they have delivered to us, they have been able to provide exceptional aftercare and ongoing development / guidance.We continue to work with The DMS Group on a number of projects and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other partners we work with.”

Mike Ward - Group IT Director

The Dean Trust
“After conducting an in-depth product evaluation and procurement process, we selected DMS as our supplier to install 65” interactive screens over the summer period. The added offering of a compliant operating lease by DMS enabled the school to take advantage of installing 30 screens into all our classrooms which has been a welcome boost for both staff and pupils as they are now able work and learn using the latest modern technology for the new term. The Installation of the hardware and software was a very smooth process from start to finish and took just 3 days. DMS’s Installation team were polite, professional, and even assisted us with the removal and disposal of our existing equipment.Using a one stop supplier for the supply, leasing and installation of the equipment has proved an excellent and invaluable choice”

Mark Drabble - Network Manager

Urmston Grammar School
“DMS sourced, quoted, and delivered in the space of 24 hours. What more can you ask for?”

Mount Carmel High School
“We get an excellent service from someone we trust”

Seddon Construction
“We are extremely happy with the service that Steve and his team at DMS have provided. We went through a lengthy process to make our final decision and Steve was patient and thorough throughout.”

St Mary’s Catholic High School
“If we need any help, we simply phone DMS and they send an engineer round – within 4 hours, Monday to Friday”

Anthony Cumbor - ICT Support

Parrs Wood High School

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